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Updated: May 13, 2020

Whether you’ve never been involved in video production before, or you're looking for a different partner, it's important to find a company that's the right fit. One that will work within your budget to meet your goals. You want to make sure that what you invest in your videos will show tangible results.

A low quality can actually do more harm than good. Instead, you want to choose a company based on results.


If you're trying to decide between a production company that makes higher-end videos but they've not what your company is looking for or a company that specializes in the kind of videos you want but they're not of the quality you would like to achieve. Choose the former! In this industry, TALENT IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN EXPERIENCE.

It's not that hard for a talented filmmaking team to pickup different styles, but it's impossible for someone talentless to ever make anything good, regardless of style.

The most important factor in determining who to work with is past portfolio.

1. What is your experience?

How experienced is this team? Ask for bios on team members and examples of previous projects they've done. Don't work with a company that doesn't have a portfolio sharing previous projects. Ask what previous project they're most proud of and why.

2. What is your niche?

What's this company's specialty and why? Look for a company that specializes in specific type of videos because they're passionate and not just because that speciality pays well or because those types of videos are easiest to make.

If a production company doesn't tell a story, and their videos aren't cinematic, why are you working with them to being with?

3. What is your company culture like?

You want to make sure your values are in line with any company you're working with. Otherwise, you'll never be on the same page, you won't be able to communicate and small rifts can become catastrophic.

5. How do you measure success?

You want to make sure their idea of quality is inline with yours. They may be able to achieve. video that looks like a commercial but are unable to understand and communicate your message, in which case the campaign was pointless.

6. Logistical questions

• When can you start?

• How long will this project take?

• What are some potential hurdles?

• What gear and equipment do you have?

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